evan d hall - an architecture website portfolio
university of minnesota architecture bs | 2004 - 2008 college work sample


The walker art center addition is a steel structure with an interesting steel mesh facade. The steel structure cantilevers over Hennepin Avenue in south Minneapolis, and requires extensive foundations to support this architectural movement. Herzog & de Meuron are the primary architects and association with HGA architects. I had a chance to talk with John Cook, the lead HGA architect on the project, and we verbally discussed the structure of the building to understand how the complex steel system was working. Using this and the University of Minnesota publication known as gThere,h I was able to analyze the structure by myself for this project.

1- Key floor plan shows sections cuts and basic geometry of the addition as well as the existing walker art center structure. This is at 3/32h scale.
2- Section cut taken from the key floor plan. This is also at 3/32h scale. This shows the addition block on the right, the existing structure on the left, and the link in-between them.
3- This steel plan shows how the structural cantilever system is working on this design. As one can see on drawing 3 and 4, the primary steel member attaches to the primary supports of the cantilever and ties it down to the foundation at the base.
4- This is a more detailed wall section that is located in the plan. This shows how all of the wall portions work. This drawing must be read with drawing 3.
5- This is a typical floor segment for the floors that are poured concrete over steel segments attached to the structural steel system.
6- This is a typical wall detail of the exterior wall. This shows the panel and how it is attached to the structural, non-structural and other wall systems.
7- Typical roof detail of how the metal panels terminate at the roof location. This detail also shows the roof system.