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university of minnesota architecture bs | 2004 - 2008 college work sample


Amy Landesberg LED curtain wall study model. This model was the result of a 4 day workshop. In the workshop, we redesigned the facade of a building on our campus to better illustrate the program within: the University of Minnesota Business school. The facade was articulated from a corporate glass block into a dynamic, interactive LED facade that permits the building itself to present real time information from all over the world all at once. Stock quotes, death tolls, oil spills, news in foreign news. The juxtaposition of all of these meld together on a single facade simulates an understanding of the incomprehensible, and makes connections that are otherwise impossible to visually represent. The LED model above is only a small portion of this curtain wall for more information on Amy Landesburg, visit her website here: alarch.com. Winter 2007. Completed along with with Aaron Westre and Keith Little.